Welcome to the home of reaLondon where the summers are short and the living is never easy.

Take the opportunity to discover more than a helping of Tower, Abbey and Brit Museum. 

Embrace the London of Londoners with a bracing reaLondon tour. 

Graffitti in Brick Lane, Pokemon in the Houses of Parliament, Ferries to Greenwich etc. etc.  contact me to revive your pleasure nerve ends. 



Blue Badge Guide Caroline Dale

 Let me share the following: An Address to London

I lie in your stone passages listening, to the rending urgency of your keening stench - the maw of dreams and nightmares scrunched in disposal's embrace, rolling together in the fetour of the present's ditch of waste - your skein of cementacious glass and vibrant steel, rising alloys of your latest marvels - strident across the sinkholes, palace and grocer gardens, streams and winding lanes and lost glades, where lesser marvels grew. Ah London, I hear and shudder so to hear Your Howl ...

Dog Days in the leached blue of an already overheated day... from off the shoulder of the M25's Parkway, beyond Harrow's Hill or Harpenden's rolling fields, the Beast looks tempered by distances' blueing blur. The lower anvil of some Leviathan's jaw - a  jostle of ill-matched tombstone dentils arrayed in an awry of churchyard heave. Nearer in, alive in the necessity and luxury of the scratching now - seen in the urgent flit of mote cycles or in the lazy bluebottle drift of blacked-out SUVs. Ah London! Your grasp outreaches all our mines... 

Tyrel Broadbent 2016


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